Practice or Matter of Practice

Dictionary says Practice means frequent or customary actions; a succession of acts of a similar kind.


From my very early days, I made my handwriting one of the most admired in my elementary school. When I hit a roadblock and thought that’s all I could do then got a help from my friends’ who mentioned few things which helped in taking it to the next level. Self-practice, directional help and then implementing those with more practice got me many appreciated moments from my teachers’.

Well, handwriting could be an easy example or anything you have got perfection with practice seems as an easy example.

Fast forward: These days I have started writing daily and now what I write could also be perfected by a prefix re-reading, re-writing, and improvising on the content. In times we would face difficulties, we have two choice- Trust GOD and ask for help. This help could come in various ways, the basic remains the same – keep writing, reviewing and rewriting. There are different kinds of writing – one has to find out their inner strength and practice daily for 365 days.

Struggle during practice could be multifold and the idea is not to give up. Sometimes it would come easy, and sometimes it will take a toll on you – whatever be the situation being calm and keep thriving by practicing to take it to the next level.

Well, it’s been 50 plus of daily writing, some liked, some disliked, and some published. There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory…Unknown




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