Tennis, The Thursday

It was a long Thursday and had no endurance left for late night Tennis practice by the invitation to play. This is one game saying No is very hard.There is a reason and my 10 on Ten-N- Is:

10. It’s a game where you get second chance to serve if your first one is wrong. There is no game which gives you a second chance.

9. If your serve is on the net you still get to serve again. Touching net is okay as long it’s on the parameters. Serve well.

8. The game where you start with Luv All. 0 – 0 is Love All.

7. The grip of one’s hand to Tennis racket has to be strong. Good bonding.

6. The game of strategy calling for the unification of Mind, Muscles and Move. 3M’s.

5. Passing shots is like a train which just leaves the station and leaves you by a fraction of seconds as you are late. You miss it and understand the importance of second.

4. Reading the body language of your opponent. Every step they take…

3. You appreciate the opponent points which you gave them because of your own mistakes by saying – Nice.

2. If there is a deuce. The advantage can be Add -In or Add – Out.You get an extra chance.


1. Playing indoor on a cold winter of Chicago makes you feel like you are in a Tropical Weather for an hour.


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