The Yoga of Making Snacks 

Q: What is Yoga?

A: In Sanskrit, the word ‘yoga’ is used to signify any form of connection.

Follow up Q: What Yoga has to do to make Snacks?

A: Well, if it’s a snack grandmother used to make for their grandchildren. One really need to connect to the past, used the techniques they used to prepare to have the same taste.

In good old days, importance was given for home prepared to have the purity in food. For growing kids, sometimes snacks came handy before the big meals and their study time.

At my place, my Grandmother was a firm believer the stomach has to be filled after the evening game so that we focus during study time.   While we were studying they used to busy making the dinner.

Also, the idea of snacks it should be light and enablers. The light fried peanuts and mamra (puffed rice) was one among many.

Today, I felt like making one with a very focused mind to bring the taste from past following the same process which I may have learned by observing.

As they say, Happiness is Homemade. So, I say look no beyond your Home Kitchen.

Get your mind and body tuned and you got Yoga in making snacks.


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