BRAT Diet 

It was very clearly mentioned in the email from the school to take precautions as ” Stomach Flu is wide spreading”. We read and we did not retain the information. It was very taxing and here is how:

We had an open house on Thursday which in my mind went very well except we drank their water from the tap.

The effect started late Thursday night and being contiguous I also got it.

There is no medicine per say and I am following what Registered Nurse told for them.

1. After throwing up – don’t drink even a drop of water for two hours or max. By not drinking or sipping water immediately you are in fighting mode. The stomach does not like it and it leads to body pain, nausea, irritation to name few.

2. Drink water in small quantity after following no 1. Other sports drink also allowed reason you are sprinting towards the nearest restroom.

And, Finally, stick to BRAT diet. They are Banana, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast.Thanks to BRAT diet it really helped in minimizing the days.



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