The Weekend Flew 

I was about to write Weekend Flu as a title of the story and then thought because of Flu – The Weekend Flew.

There were Weekend plans and there were outside Run plans because of nice weather. All got canceled because what Stomach Flu does you can do much after that besides taking enough rest, sipping water throughout the day and eating BRAT diet.

In the pic, it’s R of BRAT and its Rice.

At home, besides taking rest I could read books, and do meditation. Both helped reason as there is no medication for stomach Flu. Yes, a proper diet of BRAT is to be maintained. For example, if you can not make applesauce you can cut the apple into small pieces.

Family movies over a weekend is a good time spent together. We saw movies as a family time over the weekend which gave us enough to discuss and utilize our big screen.

To sum up of the Weekend Flew, though missed meeting people in the party and planned events but definitely gave time to rest the cars completely and all the above.


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