Aisle on an Eve

Monday the 13th, when I entered the store most of the people with shopping cart were going to the cards, flowers, and chocolate Aisle. I was one of them as I was told to bring cards for kids school.

I observed most important thing people were standing and reading the cards. I believe reading to find which one closely represents their feelings. That reading parts really made me happy in two ways: 1. The writer should keep writing and 2. Everything is not yet digital, we are still in the age where feelings are handwritten.

Again, why did I follow the crowd? Well, to buy the last minute cards for kids school where they exchange with each of their classmates. It’s a norm so we do it and it would be more appreciated if kids are creative enough to make something and share with their classmates. I guess that would be a tall order. Why make when you can or ask your parents to buy it.

Well, card for kids was just part of the store visit. I had to buy milk, bread, and other groceries. Nothing fancy. All the POS ( point of sales) has a long line. Not like Christmas or Thanksgiving or Labor Day, or Independence or Memorial Day, or President Day sale. A line worth 120 seconds wait time, where you have to count 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi…, 119 Mississippi and 120 Mississippi.

Well, when I was counting  Mississippi 1, Mississippi 3, one of the cashiers saw me and opened a new register for me. I thanked the cashier. The cashier told me very proudly, “I sold more flowers today than anything else and there is still so much left”. My quick response I believe you and today I have credit only to buy bread, butter, milk, and v cards for school. And I added…

When it comes to flowers, two things I only buy by cash and has to be grown locally to avoid carbon prints or I wait till it grows in my own garden.

Do you have one?


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