Mood in Tune 

My mood was in tune with the bright Sunny Tuesday, 51 F on the 45 Day of 2017 – I wanted to restart my mile walk after lunch.

There could not have been any better day as today. This walk got back the memory – a promised made and fulfilled of 90 miles in 90 days of Fall – Crisp, Colorful, and Calm. Well, that’s thing of past and there is nothing much to dwell on it.The things to dwell would be what I read on the Internet, ” Listen to your Cardiologist”.

The cardiologist suggests two things on the V -Day for working folks  ( From their Heart to our Heart)  to integrate few hours in our 8 hours plus of work time and they are:

1. Walk and Talk (  Take your Conf call while walking or team walk meeting ) and

2. Stand and Work.

Today, I could see two points being implemented. You got to listen to your heart and your heart doctor. Kudos to Doctors and I must say practicing medicine is a very noble profession.

Talking of heart, my colleague from Boston over phone mentioned while I was walking – as a kid growing up in Rhode Island, things seemed to be creative and everyone made things from the scratch in the class as a project.

Today, it’s so commercial everyone has to go and buy heart shaped to exchange in the class. No one has time to co-create for each other.

To which I said 38% of today’s kid time are taken by so-called smart phones, iPad – yes they sure don’t have time. Time is constant for a day.

Well, the Walk got drifted from today’s to 2K, to 90s and 80s V- Days changing landscapes- blame it on Chicago wind.

There is still brand new 320 days left in twenty seventeen to listen to your heart. Is your mood in tune? Say, Yes and by saying yes half the battle is won!!


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