A Juicy Pear

via Daily Prompt: Juicy


Today, when I opened the fridge the first sight of Juicy Pear made my mouth drool and the cold wave from the refrigerator made my face freeze. Well, drool and freeze part is not true.

When it comes to Pear, I am not a big fan of Pear and if it is a  Juicy Pear I have to eat it as nobody would eat it at home. This is one reason when it comes to fruits I never buy in bulk. It stays for long and become ripe and juicy. Given a choice, I would buy every day fresh but that seems like a tall order. Eat fresh is the mantra.


I eat Pear for PEAR and they are:

P: Potassium and One Pear provide 5% of Daily Potassium. ( They say) Potassium is an essential nutrient used to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body.If you don’t like Pear, Banana is another great source.

E:  Empty on Fat, it’s basically Fat-Free.If that is not enough, its Sodium Free too. Does two free’s does not make your choice for a day or three in a week?

A: America has 10 different kinds. So many choices, what else to ask.

R: Ripe and Ready to Eat.

Got Pear? If not, read on what Edward Bunyard, ‘ The Anatomy of Dessert’ has to say and I can not agree more…

“It is, in my view, the duty of an apple to be crisp and crunchable, but a pear should have such a texture as leads to silent consumption.”


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