Adjust for Blur

via Daily Prompt: Blur

Imagine a clear and warm day in Chicago in the middle of February Winter. People and people everywhere to enjoy the day and why not?

We were there also along with so many to enjoy the Saturday.I was given a task to capture the moment when they were sliding down – that particular moment which shows the happiness which overcomes the initial fear they all had. All parents looking up with their Camera on.

The first time I did they were so fast everything came blurred. I asked them to go again and meantime I adjusted the camera lens and clicked few random photos.

Well, why all this story reason no matter what it is – if we adjust and focus more on things at hand the blur goes away. Just like an Optometrist makes our vision blurs by trying so many lenses to gives us the sight of 20 – 20.

My blur is short lived so ending this with a famous quote from Dale Carnegie. ” Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday”.

Got Blur?  Apply old ABC and its Adjust, Brainstorm, and Change!

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