On this day it Glitters

via Daily Prompt: Glitter

Friday, 20th February 2015 I was flying back from Los Angeles to Chicago. LA Clippers and AA at LAX had their photo shoot for being their official airlines. The airport was glittering with all the Stars players of LA Clippers and of course all the Cheerleaders. The whole event made wait time in airport very negligible and the adage Time Flies was coming true and after my Photo Shot below:


My adage, All that glitter is a bright and colorful and sparkling with a gleaming light proved to be so right on the Facebook update. The rate of likes was exponential and comments worth reading. I was up in the air after few minutes of posting so could not reply to any and when I landed in Chicago O’Hare airport traveling home in a taxi was full of fun reading and talking to people over the phone.

It’s been two years exact and every time in February friends and family meet this topic pops up. For me because of WordPress word of the day ‘ Glitter’ and Facebook On This Day made me write and thus the title is – On this Day its Glitters.

As growing up heard the adage of William Shakespeare — ‘All that glisters is not gold’ for places, people, and product. This adage became part of life. I heard more of this when there were more talk or appreciation more than their worth. All my parents were saying do your homework on 3P ( Places, People, and Product) – where you want to go, who you want to idolize, and what product you wants to be associated with.

I still do to enjoy the glitters.


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