The President’s Birthday Return Gift 

On the Presidential Day – the 3rd Monday of February, a day off for some including me allowed me to do many things with family. 

One of the things, I did is biking. This is all possible because of nice spring like weather we are blessed first time in Chicago in February as long as I remember having a bike and a holiday together.
It is not one mile or two miles but 20 plus miles captured some mother nature photos, along with smiles from a passer-by on a bike, roller-skates, runners or simply walkers.  

The cyclic thoughts which came during this door to door biking are and I am calling it, “Presidential Take Away”: 

1: Keep moving just like a bike – even though it has two wheels once you have the momentum it does not fall. 

Momentum is the key! 

2: The modern bikes have multiple gears. Most modern bikes have two or three chainrings in the front and anywhere from 7 to 11 gears, or cogs, in the back. 

Shift your gears so you can pedal relatively comfortably no matter what the terrain.

Know your gears!

3: Call out on your left while passing by fellow runners, bikers or anyone. This shows etiquette. 

Etiquette is respect for each other! 

4: Keep sipping water or any electrolyte.This keeps up with the sweat loss. 

Keep your resources handy! 


5: Take photos and have your thoughts around. Inspire self and others to ride their bike on a nice Weather.

Inspire others and get inspired! 


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