What No One Tells You About Hideout?

via Daily Prompt: Hideout

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Hideout? Either you know or will consult the dictionary and both will come very close when it comes to the answer.

A hideout is a place of concealment or a safety hiding place. Well, that is a situational thing – a war, a bad weather or some kind of nightmare for which we really need to hide to a safer place.

Today, I am revealing few tips which help me to a hideout and come out energetic. They are Book, Run, Friends – Family, Mother Nature, and Music:

  • Feeling Bored: Pick up the book for self from the bookshelves. Believe me, after you traverse few pages you are already feeling great.
  • Feeling Fatigue: Go for a run or walk. I bet you will come out in a much better state than you were in the past.
  • Feeling lonely: Get out of social media and call your friends and family. Hearing the voice of your friends and loved one is magical.
  • Feeling lost: Go near the water body. The flow of water will move you from lost to found state. You found yourself. And
  • Feeling Confused: Sit in for 15 minutes with music or mantra of your choice and do self-guided meditations. You will eliminate all the noise from your mind.

This 5 outs hideouts- Book, Run, Friends – Family, Mother-Nature, and Music you have to try for 40 days. See you, with a new change on April 2 which is 40 days from today!


via Daily Prompt: Hideout


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