A Rhythmic Run


Imagine the year 1871 in Chicago and one of the most beautiful developments would be a railroad connecting East to West. Now, the question which sure must be coming to the reader’s mind why I am taking you 146 years back in a beautiful day of February 22, of 2017.

Well, there is a historical data which shows today is the day exactly like what it was in 1871. I wanted to capture the moment and it could happen through a rhythmic run.

This morning, when I went to the park it was all foggy and it could be same as 1871 as nature does not discriminate.


Believe me, it was dense fog, blurry would be the right word which we recently used in our daily prompt. After running for an hour things become clearer both in mind and figuratively.

To run or not to run was the question my mind was trying to answer. After a rhythmic one foot front, another foot front, the average of 5K run was 10:58 min/mi which was not my kind of run. I started putting faster one-foot front and another foot front – the average of 10K run was 10:17 min/mi. I was getting that positive rhythm and my goal was to get it sub 10 min/mi.

I kept doing the one-foot front, another foot front and after an hour and 11 mins and 55 seconds – the average came to 9:59 min/mi for a rhythmic run.

As Abraham coles said The Rain drops’ showery dance and rhythmic beat, with tinkling of innumerable feet. In my case it was a mist, foggy morning and a rhythmic run.



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