To Slur or not to Slur

via Daily Prompt: Slur

I was having a breakfast near the waterfront restaurant. It was a perfect morning expect for an incident which totally broke the beauty of the morning. The hot coffee cup fell to a person sitting next to my table accidentally by the (newly) waitress. It sure was not a good scene and the person commenting @#$% loudly were a slur on the staff.


A thought came to my mind what if it would have happened to me – To Slur or not to Slur.


I spend few minutes thinking about it and just doing the retrospective:

1. Both the guest and waitress did not seem to be mindful
2. It’s the restaurant which has to have the place arranged and
3. Say something in a way which is not insulting or slurry.
The point no 3 could have been avoided and said in a way that it would have taken as a lesson learned rather than an insult.

Can’t agree more after this incident what James A. Owen said, ” Admitting your faults isn’t a weakness – it’s a strength. Having your weaknesses pointed out isn’t a slur on  your character – it’s an opportunity to improve your life.”

Talking of improving life if anyone at all come in a situation like today’s morning. Take a deep breath (repeat 7 times – Count 1 to 4 for breathing in; Count 1 to 5 holding your breath and Count 1 to 6 releasing your breath)  before slurring is my thing – To Slur or not to Slur. Believe me, the slur would be Win Win Win situation for all involved. That’s me for the daily prompt: Slur. Can’t wait to read all yours?


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