5 Things I learned from my Baby

via Daily Prompt: Baby

As we grow we tend to forget things we did when we all were little one a.k.a Baby. Once you have a child in your life you revisit those by observing them growing and things I can proudly say I learned are:


  1. Smile Often: Baby do cry and will come to that in a bit and they smile more than they cry. Research shows Baby smiles 300 times in a day and us adult only 20 times a day. Smile more than 20 times and I am sure we all can do it. Smile Often and smile for 40 seconds in a stretch.
  2. Take Nap: If time permits and I am sure this would not be possible on weekdays but given a chance do take a nap on weekends. Those 15-30 minutes would rewind and re-calibers the internal mechanism.
  3. (Try) New things: Explore things around you and it’s okay to make mess and dirty. You learn by touching, exploring and if you like it you also master on it. For example, some kids who touch Piano first time are very good at it when they grow up.
  4. Make Friends: They approach everyone and does not filter people. Make friends and take the first step.
  5. Cry: They cry to express, food or, need help. We do not have to literally cry to ask for help. Ask for help.
Carl Sandburg said, ” A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on” I must add whenever I see or come across a baby, they always reminds me of 5 things I have learned from my baby and most easy things are to Smile! 

Daily Prompt: Baby


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