Dictionary to Delhi via Arid

via Daily Prompt: Arid


Saturday Morning: What’s the word for the day was the question for me from my boys? I said its Arid and I do not know the meaning. They lend me the dictionary and we got it right. As soon as I read the meaning it took me to a place which I visited last year and here is my story about Dictionary to Delhi via Arid.

Last year, I was in the outskirt of Delhi ( Capital of India) and the place was surprising to me as this part of Delhi have little or no rain. The air was too dry, barren land, and hardly any vegetation.

We used to go running early morning before the day turned hot and humid. One morning running with my Cousin met local people and we talked what can be done to make this place greener. The best thing they already had this idea with or without the support of local Government. They asked us to come and help every morning till I am there to plant, water, and drive the tractor around.



We divided our morning time into two parts – first running and then helping the cause. We got so friendly with people and work that it was hard when I had to leave. I still check with my cousins and the area is becoming greener. Once upon an Arid land is getting greener with the involvement of local people and some not so local as me.
The quotation from Paramahansa Yogananda, ” The ideal of an all-sided education for youth had always been close to my heart. I saw clearly the arid results of ordinary instruction, aimed only at the development of body and intellect”. Getting more kids in these activities will make this place more of enjoyment and prove the saying of P. Yogananda. We did get kids involvement watering plants.

Kids are future and they have to help the environment or place to make it not arid.





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