You all made the difference – Thank You


Happy birthday wishes, when done well, make all the difference and I really want to thank you all from my core of heart. My Thank you is divided into following categories:

Numero Uno: 

The very first message popped up from my school days neighbor friends Dev who is in Thailand these days…Thank you, Dev

Second and Special:

And the second one the picture says it’s all is from Shishir and I love this one as it has a very clear message. Please see the photo at the end of this which shows my interest.


Ashirwaad aka blessing:

Far from Dehradun  from Saraswati Aunty – ASHIRWAAD SUNIL

Prabha Bua, ” Many many happy returns of the day! God bless you!

Gopal K Uncle, ” Happy Birthday and GOD bless you!!


Inspirational Birthday Wishes:

  • Ajit Choudhary Uncle says, ” Sunil me and Anju wish you a very happy birthday. Also, we will ask you to do every day what you do to excel. I love your postings and photos you post. Life is about enjoying every day to your fullest. God Bless!
  • Renu S says:, “Happy birthday Sunil. Be a fitness freak always. ☺”
  • Garmia S says, ” Happy birthday Sunil …keep running ….stay fit!!
  • Meghna R says, “Happy Birthday Sunil. Have a fantastic running year ahead:)
  • Anshu says,  “Happy birthday jijs. Stay young and fit.God bless you.
  • Priyanka K says, ” A very happy birthday Bhiaya…you are always an inspirational source for me. Your new year resolution still continuing…great effort.


Motivational Birthday Wishes:

  1. Subir says Dear Sunil, May you keep clocking smiles on your marathon of life. Happy birthday!
  2. Biswajeet says: Happy birthday Sunil.. Wish you a happy and healthy life. Keep inspiring all of us with your fitness. πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ
  3. Raja says Sunil….Wish u A *_VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY…..STAY FIT as u INSPIRE all of us to remain so….May God fulfill all ur CHERISHED DREAMS….HAPPY BIRTHDAY …once again_* Raja
  4. Carlo M M says” Have another day like today’s!
  5. Indranil M says, ” Best wishes Sunil, stay blessed with good health and sprint away to success and glory
  6. Rajesh K says, ” Happy Birthday, Sunil! Special run for today, I guess πŸ˜‰
  7. Shambhavi i M says, ” A very happy birthday to you Sunil. Make the best of the weekend πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚
  8. Satish Mausa Says, A Birthday is A Million Moments, Each holding A Promise Of Fulfillment Of UR Dreams, and ACCOMPLISHMENTS Of Some Special Plans.. Wish U A Very Happy B’day dear Sunil !!
  9. Sanjay C says, ” Happy Birthday Sunil!! Many Millions Miles and healthy run for you”
  10. Sunil C says, ” Happy Birthday young man. Give yourself a treat and go for 10 mile run”

Blessed and Happy: 

  • Manisha P says, ” Happy birthday Sunil . Stay blessed & happy always!
  • Manish W says Happy birthday Sunil – have a fantastic day and year ahead
  • Manish Ka, ” Happy birthday Sunil, stay blessed
  • Pavel P says, ” Many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday. Stay happy, stay healthy, stay blessed.
  • Rajni G Many -many happy returns of the day!! Have a great year ahead…


Combo Wishes – Mahashivaratri and Birthday:

  1. Tanuja M says, ” Happy Birthday, Sunil. Your birthday has fallen on such an auspicious day this on Shivratri Day.Celebrate your day which ever way you have planned religious way or any other way with your friends and family.
  2. Pritil G says, ” Many happy returns of the day jij.. Happy shivratri too 🎁
  3. Vivek J says, ” Janmdin kii hardik shubhkamnayein Sunil bhai. Today is Maha Shivaratri as well so very auspicious day.Enjoy the day to the fullest.

ps:   Yes, I did fast on Mahashivratri and on my birthday.

In Hindi:

  • Manoj K says Janamdin Ki hardik shubhkamanaya..
  • Sanjeev J says Janamdin ki dher saari shubhkamnayein Sunil bhai.


Birthday wish as simple as  Happy Birthday Sunil From:

Gibran S, Shashi S, β€ŽSumit Gβ€Ž, Jyotsna G, Sanjay M, Nisha K, Promila K, Deepika S, Avneet G, Sumit M, Jaya S, Rajesh R, Puja G, Anil S, Vivek K, Sanjay G, Charu, Kamal S, , Dibs K, Sanjay M, Partha M, Gautam R, Joyashish K, β€ŽRanjan O, Bipin D, Savita R, β€ŽAnjani C, β€ŽVithal R, Saurabh V, Pragya M, Ankur G, Ashish K, Vamshi L, Anita S, Rashmi M J, Manish K, Sanjeev B, Manjari M, Damneet B, Kaushik C, Pratima G, Harvir S, Praveen S, Bibhas S, Surajit S, Shekhar M, Karruppiah K, Manoj K, Ajit C, Sonal B, Rajnish K, Dipti V, Deepa S G, Sonal K, Deepak D, Sanjay K, Neelima S, Meenal G, Ashutosh S, Richa S, Pramod K S, Rashmi K, Kumud K, Dibyendu S, Krishna B, Rohit S, Sapns R K, Rashmi R, Sonal Bh, Rahul M, Pradeep S, Manish S, Shikha S, Vandana J, Venkatesh R, Riddhi S, Kannan D K, Savita V, Sanjeev K, Sid M, Senthil K K, Pawan K, Achala K, Gautam B, Shivesh K, Manish Singhal, Mahima S, Sri Basant P, Atul P, Kavita P, Deeksha C, Lata S, Harshada K, Somya S, Ashu K, Shivani A, Santosh K, Rajeev S, Vikas K, Shaila S Aunty, Sumanjeet K, Indrajeet G, Sangita S, Fazle N, Beena A, Mihir L, Shantanu B, Sara K, Amit K, Dhiraj J, Jayant S, Vinay J, Sudeep S, Deepak M, Palash D, Shweta K, Vijayant S, Shailesh G, Atul K, Sanjay G, Nilesh N, Rimpi K, Mirinal M, All Family members – Mummy -Papa, Bhiaya-Bhabhi, Didi – Jajaji, Nephew and Nieces , Deepak K, Ajit C, Anica R D, Anurag R, Anantha P, Apurwa G, Pradeep K, Rajeev P, Vaishali C, Sanjay C, Pradish, Anu, Sunil C, Nisha, Pallavi V, Anish V, Shobhit J, Shailesh G, Sharmila P, Mooze )


Birthday is the greatest GIFT from the GOD and today on my birthday is Mahashivratri. I feel blessed to have all your wishes on this fasting day for me. Thank you so much!!










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