How To Get Rid of Jiggle

via Daily Prompt: Jiggle


This Sunday morning I got up in a dream watching a Super Bowl Commercial ad in Mobile Strike’s 2017 Arnold Schwarzenegger “is back”.I believe everyone knows Mr.Schwarzenegger.He has been known for Worlds top Bodybuilder, Blockbuster movies roles in Hollywood, and Governor of California. I am not sure if everyone knows what he said about Jiggle, “It’s simple, if it jiggles, it’s fat.”

Now, if we look into the life of Mr. Arnold – it’s kind of sequential from Bodybuilding which gave him good break in action movies and then to be the Governor. One thing which remains core in his life to keep building muscle, if I would not get awake by the dream – I am sure this is what Mr. Schwarzenegger would have said, “How To Get Rid of Jiggle” and they are:


7. Invest in Cooking Lessons and Cook like a Pro:

  • When you cook your food rather than eating out, you are aware what is going in your body. Have proper resource in your Kitchen.

6. The Devil Is in the Dose, Never in the Food: 

  •  Eat alternate small and medium size meal. The dinner should be 4 hours before you hit the bed.

5. Alcohol: You Booze, You Lose?

  •  Be teetotalers. If not – alcohol is not for every day. Keep it for occasions like Anniversary, Birthdays, Celebrations, and Vacations.

4. Treat Meals to Bulk Your Muscles, Not Your Belly

  • Food which is colorful and tasteless will be more friendly to muscle. Avoid processed food.

3. Hydrate to Look Fuller and Stay Stronger

  •  70% of the body is made of water and if we are 170 plus pound we need to have 1 gallon of water in a whole day ( 1 Gallon Milk bottle would be a good measure). You can make your water colorful by adding cucumbers, lemon, strawberries, or blueberries. The only side effect of drinking water you make have to go to the restroom more often and self test for hydration it should be colorless.

2. Protein ( 30%) + Carbohydrate (50%) + Fat (20%) 

  • The daily consumption and calories intake varies so ask the expert. Change the combination of Carbs and Fat for the day you exercise and not.Protein intake is constant.

1. Walk, Run, Swim, Yoga, Weight Resistance, Read, Write and Meditate 

  • Alternate your activities for numero uno. We got so many choices.




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