Detoxing Center

via Daily Prompt: Center

One day I dream to open my own Detoxing Center and the way I am going to do is something which I am brainstorming every day or most of the days. If any of you readers wants to be part of it, you are more than welcome. This Detoxing Center will not change us on what we do for day to day living and it is going to enhance us towards the more beautiful life and the World.


The core of Detoxing Center will be based on following:

Vision: You find You by helping and getting help

Mission: To conserve self-energy and be prosperous.

Detoxing Period: Thursday to Tuesday. Once per quarter.

Things you need to bring: D3 ( Dream, Determination, and Discipline)

Activities and Accomplishments:

  • Morning: Physical activities followed by Prayers and Breakfast
  • Noon: Reading
  • Afternoon: After Lunch Writing
  • Evening: Play Tennis or anything of your choice
  • Night: Meditation followed by Dinner
  • Good Night Sleep: Sharp at 10:00 PM
  • Morning: Getting up 6: 00 AM
  • Repeat from Thursday to Tuesday.

Benefits and Take Aways: You will see a new in you which GOD has given you and World will be going to be much better than you would have imagined in your dream.

How to Apply: Are you interested, the simple application to join is just saying, Yes in the comment sections.


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