To Hesitate or Not To Hesitate

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate

It was my first day in America. The company had sent a Limousine to the airport and there was a person from the office to receive me as well. We started from the Airport to the Office. On our way, the person had to stop to Bed Bath and Beyond. I did not know anything about it. The name Bed Bath and Beyond sounded different to me and initially, I thought before going to the office these is their way to Welcome.


There were many questions coming up as soon as we got down from the Limousine and questions kept multiplying by the steps we were taking closer to the Bed Bath and Beyond. Many different kinds of weird thoughts, I needed to pause on those thoughts. If I remember, normally the memory fades but this fading memory says my mind was rushing at the speed of Ferrari.More than speed, velocity (speed with direction) was the ask for the time. I dared to ask my heart which was in the mode of,” To Hesitate or Not to Hesitate”.The Vice President of the company also did not hesitate to answer my question. One thing or two I learned how you frame your question is more important than how one answers it.

Even after two decades, every time I see the Bed Bath and Beyond, it reminds me Not To Hesitate.







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