Why I Don’t Doubt?

via Daily Prompt: Doubt

My old way of getting success was ABCD and the new way is just the ABC.The common between new and old one is ABC which stands for Ability, Break, and Courage. Since I am an old school D stands for Doubt.

My observations which I reflected on a daily prompt of 24th February.  Not sure how many of you remember the word. Will come to word later but for now, let’s focus on today’s Doubt or to be more precise Why I Don’t Doubt? There is three simple reason for it and they are:

  1. Collect the Data: This will help in eliminating if it’s an unknown thought or other person said or a lack of confidence.
  2. Process the Data for Information: In today’s World we are overloaded with information so do the right analysis, seek help, or take directional help if time permits.
  3. Use Information for Knowledge: John F. Kennedy said The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds….and to add the better knowledge we have our doubt of doing anything will eliminate.

Still, in doubt after reading. When in doubt – ask yourself, call a family – friends, and do your research, read!





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