5 Desires Everyone Should Own

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ff01Last night I was invited to play Tennis and since its once in a month, after a game, I always get one photo clicked. When I saw the photo the game scores represented the year 2017. This really coincided with the burning desire when it comes to the game – To make 2017 the year of Tennis.

While playing the game a thought came up as we march to spring to look back to the desires we ring in the beginning of the year.

Thank GOD it’s Friday my desire is to share the 5 desires which everyone should own and work on it.

5. Body: Body is like home given by the almighty and we should take care of it. f02

4. Family: Aging parents to Grandkids and everything in between.

3. Finance: This I learned recently a new formula.

Expense= Income – Saving.

2. Community: If community prospers, Country prospers.  The World becomes a peaceful place.


1.  Travel: Surf the World. It Teaches so many things. I desire to read one book from each country and Travel the World.

As George Bernard Shaw said, “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will”.

Good luck reader to your right desires – bring on your dream and discipline.



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