How Queen Drives Swarm of Bees?

via Daily Prompt: Swarm

Extract: Behind every New Colony, there is Swarm of Bees which follows their Queen.

Monday morning run was literally a drag in the beginning, just like anything you have to give some time and some encouragement from fellow runners if they are there or a Queen and Swarm of Bees.

Yes,  they were also flying and saw me drag and whispered in my ears. Will come to that part and initially I thought I am going to be attacked (self -assumed) by swarms of bees. Please note I am not an expert on the little insects called Bees by any means, and I am scared of it too.

Now, coming back to whispering here is 3 Bee Ideas which we all can learn,re-learn from the Bee-School:

  1. Plan Ahead: During Spring, Swarm of Bees follows their Queen to build their colony by Summer. The goal should be clear and plans to achieve under the leadership direction with an outcome in mind.
  2. Transform: Leaders are gender agnostic who has an ability to transform the vision by motivating, inspire to engage into the Vision.  Anyone can be a leader who is born with a leader quality or acquired or trained for the leadership. The leadership is not gendered specific. The leader keeps the outcome in mind and delegates the work.  And
  3. Communicate: If there is work to be done, it has to be done by keeping the communication on with the current state, accomplishment, and how far from the goal. Sometimes they work 24 hours a day all spring along. They do not use ‘ I’ of a hive, it’s the ‘We’ culture which gets the work done.


The unanimous whispering was very crystal just like after completion of run my mind was…as French says,” What is not good for the swarm is not good for the bees”. So  Plan, Transform, Communicate for the betterment of the Community, Country – for the co-existence in your part of the World is what Swarm of Bees has a message for us.




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