Getting Smart with Ruminate

via Daily Prompt: Ruminate

Memory lane: As a kid in elementary school, I could not comprehend enough why we say lost in thought. Is it because (I still remember my first thought) an individual has no win. Well, that was many years ago.

Today, while taking walk after lunch, I had time to ruminate on saying lost in thought. There are many kinds of thoughts which keep coming to our mind and for many reasons.It could range from Study, Work, Research, Systems, Finance, Family, Friends, Country, World, Universe, Social Media, and the list goes on.

Please note:  If one is ruminating about it without an ‘Outcome’ and  ‘Time’ associated it is going to be wastage.

Ruminate is second nature to us, and here is some of the suggestion which has helped me to eliminate unnecessary thoughts which keep popping up. I am sharing what works for me, let me know what works for you.

  1. Read – Reading is magical and it takes your mind off and also provides you the right input. tu01

2. Run: If not then Walk, and walk for an hour it takes your unnecessary thoughts out from you mind to legs and then away. Well, the last part I made it up. It does help. If you are running, run 5k  and the outcome – it works magically and bring you to present state.


3. Retrospective: Look back and make it time bound and simple.


The 3 R’s of my Ruminate is Read, Run, and Retrospect. Would love to know what works for you?


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