Next Exit Nervous

via Daily Prompt: Nervous

Raul is brand new to this country and he is coming from the part of World which has Fall at this time of the year. The Captain announced ‘Welcome to America’ and the great city of Microsoft, Costco, Starbucks, Nike and no point for guessing – as its clearly states in your online ticket from your smartphone unless you took someone else phone to board the ticket.

Seattle Washington is a beautiful and picturesque town in North West of US of A, where at this time of the year its gray and raining all the time. Raul after easily coming out of Immigration and has a rental car from the All Blue Rental Car waiting for them at the arrival. This rental car, unlike others, comes with the car to pick the traveler(s) from the airport. They sat in the passenger seat and after 5 minutes driving outside, Raul took the driver seat after the driver got off at Cell Phone Parking Lot. He was already feeling the freshness of a  new Blue BMW 530. This rental car has a fleet of only blue cars and all BMW 5 series and hence called All Blue Rental Car.

Raul is excited and nervous at the same time. You read it right, if not please read the state of Raul.

I know you said – he is nervous and excited. It’s not because you are Nervous. Most of us repeat the last word which we hear first. If you do not believe me instead of cooking tonight go to the restaurant with your significant others on an International Women’s Day and ask waiter/waitress what’s for dinner. I  promise you will remember the bottom 3 ( Pasta, Pizza, and Paneer) and Top 3 ( Soup, Salad, and Salmon).

Now, to Raul. He loves the car and everything about it – the music, self-starter wipers, hand free calls, but he is not able to see clearly on a gray and wet Wednesday. Luckily, he sees the sign of an exit and it reads – Next Exit Nervous in 3 minutes. Looking at he is excited and out of excitement, he forgets to take an exit of Nervous.

Thank GOD, the rain stopped and Raul with his spouse (co-passenger) could go to a nice restaurant to celebrate the day and they both get’s this from the fortune cookie – A routine trip turns into an enchanting escapade.









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