Nuance of my writing

via Daily Prompt: Nuance

Q: How to experience Nuance, if you ask me?



A: There are a couple of ways: a] never switch on Sub-Title while watching movie b] To me personally, taking bath with warm water and then last 20 seconds shower with very cold water. That last 20 second gives you the Freshergy (Freshness plus energy, and I made the word)  for the day and that’s Nuance to me. If I may write one more point – well let me keep it for the last.

This nuance takes me to memory lane: When I first wrote an article -Every Finish Line is a Start Line.Few of my target reader got the nuance from their first reading and I could sense from their beautiful comments. Some have to read the end twice ( maybe they got distracted by multi-tasking) and they are now a life long practitioner of and they keep looking for a new goal after their every Finish Line. I try to keep Nuance in my writing.

For most of  us who comes to WordPress we are reader, and a budding writer ( This is just for me)  and what Cynthia Heimel said is something I want to share, ” Reading is an escape, an education, a delving into the brain of another human being on such an intimate level that every nuance of thought, every snapping of synapse, every slippery desire of the author is laid open before you like, well, a book”. If I may add this is true for word of the day as well – with time permits I really enjoy daily prompt one word and so much different perspective.

Things which I have observed and again it’s my observations and it is also a culture thing which comes up in everyone’s writing. There is subtle meaning which gives me a WOW in your article and I experience Nuance in your daily prompt- Keep Writing!








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