Word and Miles Brings Smiles

Close to Heart:

These days, I am touched by two questions and they are:

  1. How many miles did you run
  2. What’s the word for the day?

Once upon a run, running on the treadmill was kind of constant and these days I am a running thief which means weather permitting I manage a time of half hour and run in nature. Even though the run is recorded in runkeeper still the question which touches my heart – How many miles did your run?

Once a day, the word is purely magical – I learn, I am disconnected with social media, tabloid news, I get to travel all over the World by reading people story and views. Some provide nuance by getting into the writer’s mind and some are plain truth easy to comprehend. Nonetheless, both are magical.

Something Good: 

Today, my choice of Fruit was Kiwi and reason I picked from the grocery store as the USP ( Unique Selling Proposal) for it is 1 serving provides more Potassium than a Banana ( I guess tomorrow I am not going to eat banana or two after my run), More Vitamin C than Oranges ( I am not peeling oranges) , More Fiber than the leading Cereal Brand ( No milk and Cereal in the breakfast) , and More Vitamin E & K than an Avocado ( So, I am eating something from Italy or Australia or New Zealand Vs Mexico).

Something Funny:

I have started subscribing Reader Digest which my Dad has been subscribing from last 40 years or more. Today, when I got my first one from the postal mail and when I opened I read which I keep hearing when anything at home does not go right, “The four most beautiful words in our common language: 
I told you so.- Gore Vidal

Lesson Learned:

Nothing on assumptions, in these multi-tasking World people will express they have understood. Believe me in most of the time that’s not the case. Put in the email and refer if required when they come to bite you and tell them to read the email again.


We all have 1440 minutes in a day, and don’t let anyone 1-minute negativity to ruin your 1339 minutes go bad. People will say, either you pay back them instantly if your paycheck grade permits or else just ignore it and prove them wrong in later time.

Thoughts for the Day:

“Instead of using medicine, rather, fast a day” – Plutarch.

Plutarch suggestion was/is:

  • Fast for 24 hours, including 24 hours ( water or tea only or some fruits like Kiwi)
  • Volunteer your time
  • Write a thank-you note


And if you have any suggestion, please write in the comment.

Words and Miles do bring smiles.What brings you smiles?


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