Hidden Pattern

via Daily Prompt: Pattern

A Question or Two for You and the question paper is below in the photo:


A Question or Two for You and The Correct Answer are: __ & __


On this Saturday morning, we have broken an inertia by solving a question or two.

Now, coming back to Hidden Pattern, the one who finds is the richest person as it provides the true treasure of Happiness. Our World is composed of patterns – some we know and some we have to find (the hidden pattern )- in nature, in music, in love, in life, in sleep, in festivity, in problems, in stocks, in traffic and the list grows on.

Pause for Picture Pattern!

If anyone wants to be self-appreciated and wants to find how connected one is – study the pattern this One World has provided us. Its Healing and it connects to deeper self spiritually.

Got the Hidden Pattern?







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