2 Types of Murmuration

via Daily Prompt: Murmuration

This morning an hour early, because of Day Light Saving when Mike went running outside he got distracted by a very light voice. Yes, this sound was more like experiencing the word. This murmuring , he encountered after many years and no surprise he is experiencing because of a group of birds flying from South to North as Spring is approaching. The wings of those birds which making that sound which he has only read about it, he is experiencing for the first time. It’s called Murmuration which his grandparents have explained while reading books for him during good old days.

There was another similar sound very familiar he heard again when the bird flew past. He was not sure where is this sound coming since all the Geese had passed over him 10 minutes back and 1 mile of the distance he has covered.  After, many miles Mike realized since he did not eat anything in the morning the stomach was murmuring because of emptiness.

After, reaching out the finish line – Mike mentioned two things in his note. There are two kinds of Murmuration I encountered today:

  1. External: All the feathers of birds flying up were flocking together to reach out their destination. The repeated sounds which were reaching to my ears was nothing but called murmuration and made me look up.
  2. Internal: The empty stomach was looking for some carbs and asking me to eat something and the indication I got is that repeated growling sound in a very low volume. It’s nothing but murmurations and this sound made me look inside. 




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