Personal Record

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Meet the Lee:

Lee is in his late 30ies  Married with Joyce and has two Children working as a Research Scientist in a Bio-Molecule company. Lee with his team is trying to research a medicine or two which goes to particular part of the body which needs the treatment. The day in the life of Lee is very productive as he is full of energy to accomplish everything he plans for the day. I am not sure how many of us feel like Lee at the end of the day. I will ask his secret for all of us reader some day. So stay tuned.

Day in the LOL (Life of Lee):

Lee wears smiles 24*7 well that’s not correct but 16*7 for sure. He is full of energy, focused and enjoys his family time, friend time, work time, personal time for reading, workouts etc.  He is full of Life.

In the Past:

As growing up in an Industrial town Lee was very lean and thin boy. He says he was not so successful in athletics but always had a desire to participate and win. He had a lot of friends and it shows he was always smiling and welcoming anyone who extended their hand. The win never happened but the desires never died for him. His desires were with him always.  With time, Lee started focusing more academically and his report cards result always at the end of the year was in Top 10. Lee also had a Personal Record of being no.1 at his class.

Lee shared his memory from his childhood that his grandparents were of great influence for not giving up on his original dreams. The story from the bedtime from Fairy Tales and Real Story he still remembers. As growing up he heard many fairy tales and real stories at the bed time. Some still stuck to his mind but in a different version. For ex:

Lee’s Favorite: 

Q: Magic mirror on the wall, tell me who I am competing with?
A: Look in the mirror that’s your competition.

Fast Forward:

Lee kept participating in sports, cultural, academically events and also relearned lot as watching his kids game. These days, Lee is full of energy and has participated in many events of his age and has beaten his own Personal Record which makes him look better than him in the mirror.


  Personal Record is what you see for yourself.


Every day Lee gets motivated by looking at the mirror and answer he gets is, “You are your own competition”.

Go for it and Lee Personal Record for twentysixpointtwo is threehoursfiftynineminutesandfiftynineseconds.

Till next Lee still believes, ” Personal Record is what you see for yourself”


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