3 Ideas to Immerse in a Moment

via Daily Prompt: Immerse

Last Sunday, one of my colleague attended a seminar in the neighborhood on the occasion of a Spring Festival Holi ( Holi is a festival of colors). The colleague of mine at Lunch shared some sweets and the wisdom which is worth sharing.

Our minds my colleague mentioned and many have also said before – Our Mind or thoughts like to be in past or future and thus as a whole, we miss the moment a.k.a. Present.

Breathe, Stretch, and Marching is the secret of getting back to the moment. While I was immersed in eating the Holi Sweet still I was aware of things told to me and I believe sweet worked as enablers. My colleague based on the practice of last 2 days said these are very effective and is already working and will keep doing for another 28 days to make this part of the good habit.

  1. Breathe ( 5, 4 and 7): Breathe in counting till 5, Hold you Breath till 3 and Release your breath by counting 7. Do it for 10 times. This will bring you to a moment and you can focus back to your work.
  2. Stretch ( Legs, Hands, and Neck): This we can at the end of every hour at work or sitting at a desk. A simple 360degree movement of legs, hands, and necks. This is just for 20 seconds at a stretch.
  3. Marching (Coffee Break): When going for a Coffee Break or picking up the printouts keep in mind the movement of your left and right legs – just like Army does marching. This takes your mind off from the work and helps enjoy the moment and coffee.

Be in a moment is the mantra and those 3 ideas is a good start. Immersed oneself by practicing for 30 days it will become a habit.


Why 30 days, will come back to it later?



4 thoughts on “3 Ideas to Immerse in a Moment

  1. I get the 30 day thing. If you go on the thinking that this is temporary and I only have to do it for a month, it isn’t so overwhelming. But it is long enough to get used to doing it. I need to give this a try but I think I will have to start with 7 days! 😉

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