Day in the Life of a Pi Day

This morning, I got up at Pi Time. What is that, well for any other day it would be 3:14 AM but today (3.14.17) it would be Pi (3:14 AM) time. On this day let’s wish a very Happy Birthday to Albert Einstein who inspires till day with his Quotes and all the inventions.


Pi Day.jpg
My Favorite Quotes is 3, 14 and 17 for this year. What’s yours?


Well, getting up is one thing and then moving towards the day with an end result in mind is another. Here is what in reverse order of PI and it is 41.3 or PIE

At Gym 4 things:  In snowy morning Gym is the best place.

  1. Running: The best enabler is running 3.10 miles for any day but today an extra 0.04 miles makes all the special and it’s 3.14 miles.
  2. Two-Arm Kettlebell Walk with 24.5 Kg each: Walking 3 .14 around the Gym with two -arm kettlebell for a complete exercise for weight resistance.
  3. Plank: Three sets of Plank each of 1.046 sec – making total of 3min and 14s
  4. Breathe: To relax follow 3 counts of Inhale, 1 count of hold, and 4 counts exhale. Do it for a minimum of 3min and 14s.


At School 1 thing in the evening as we have started celebrating Pi Day from 2016. Facebook reminded me of all great work we did last year.

  1. This year I am volunteering in one of the Booth and its all about Science. More of this in sequal.

At Work 3 things and a retrospective of that would be:

  1. Works towards the closure of the Goal
  2. Optimize the outcome
  3. Value add on the innovation.


Mirror image of 314.jpg
Education stops and learning never. Learned from Kido mirror image of 3.14 is PI.E


Well, as they say, Education stops and Learning never. Learned from Kido mirror image of 3.14 is PI.E


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