Dr. Instinct

via Daily Prompt: Instinct

Dr. Instinct does not require any introduction for those who knows but others Dr. Instinct is TDH. I know what first things come to your mind who has read many Mills and Boon classics. It surely is not Tall Dark and Handsome.

TDH in the case of Dr. Instinct stands for the quality which always helps at the time of one thing which is common in Human and Animal called Basic Instinct. Again, here Basic Instinct is not the movie where Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone acted. That Instinct is in all of us. They say, “One instinct shared among animals and humans is the fight-or-flight instinct, also known as the acute stress response”. Yes, this is where Dr. Instinct helps and its TDH or 834 in the phone dialing pad.

T is Thorough: Be persistent!

D is Daring: Be brave, be strong!!

H is Humane: Be kind to yourself!!!


Dial TDH or 834 for Dr. Instinct 


Dr. Instinct is just a call away where your Heart Talks to your Brain or Vice Verse.






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