Massive Heart

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It is not my story but two people talking over lunch on a table next to mine about their recent trip. When one of them told its about Bhutan and they did on a bicycle.


Before Bhutan Trip, Train your self like the person in Photo reason riding bike on Mountain and Valley would not be easy! 

My attention from my phone dropped and and asked them if I can join them to hear and publish it later for a Massive Heart which came to my mind in the morning. They said,” Why not”?

Check your air-pressure on your Bicycle, Wear your Helmet and Ride on to Balance!

[Person 1 we will call Jack and Person 2 Jill and you all know me!].

Jack: As you would know Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas. Commonly known for its monasteries, fortresses and breath-taking sceneries.

Jill: Wow! already sounds like my next place to visit.

Jack: Make sure you tour on the bicycle and it would not be easy so train yourself very well.

Jill: Sure will do, tell me about Place and People.

Jack: Place you can see in photographs which I am going to share in the Facebook Album.

Jill: Sure and I am ready to hear all about People.

Jack: One thing I must say, they are very happy people and have a massive heart.

Jill: People with a big heart you mean.

Jack: Yes, and they are beautiful inside and out and their HEART is

  • H: Harmonious, Their lifestyle shows the balance between nature and modern life.
  • E: Egoless, They keep Nature first and believe Earth, Home is like their body and have to respect it.
  • A: Adaptable, They are very cooperative, support the change and adapt.
  • R: Rich, Their richness is not money but mother nature and diverse wildlife
  • T: Take pride, They believe to be blessed to be born in Bhutan.

Jill: This sure summarizes their Massive Heart. I am going to mark that as one of my lists to visit in coming years and hope to do with my Family and Friends.

Jack said and one of the most important thing for people who does not have an hour on the stretch: One of the monks who was riding with me told instead of practicing 60 minutes of meditation, practice 1 minute of meditation for 60 times in a day.

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