17 I’s to Make Your Own Luck

Well, Today Friday 17 is St. Patrick’s Day and two things which come to my mind are 1. The color Green and 2. The phrase ‘Luck of the Irish’ is coming very relevant commonly thought to mean “extreme good fortune.” 

Let’s not keep anything on chance a.k.a Luck and paint the WordPress Luck with Green with 17 I’s 

This I’s are applicable in a Day of the Life of Luck even though there is no I’s in the word Luck! 

1. Identify: Single one thing which you wants to achieve. For example, You want to be a writer and be heard. Keep writing! 

2. Illustrate: Provides with a picture…draw or click. Remember when we were kids we all were provided with more pictures book and fewer words. That created interest in all of us to read. 

3. Imagine: Find a mental Imagine of things to accomplish. They say everything runs twice one in your mind and other in actual. 

4. Implement: Don’t wait for complete, keep implementing your work.

5. Improve: Keep improving, take help if necessary. 

6. Intervene: Come between you and your work if it’s going in a steady state. Take a break and move on with rigor. 

7. Incorporate: Blend your ideas, effort, and outcome. 

8. Increase: Work towards making it bigger in value. 

9. Involve: Be engaged is the mantra.

10. Influence: Be your own role model.

11. Inform: Write to self about the progress. 

12. Initiate: Start, re-start, and keep moving in the right direction. 

13. Innovate: Challenge the norm, and make changes in the establishment. 

14. Inspect: Look for any shortcomings. 

15. Inspire: Do some more creative. Self Inspired!

16. Integrate: Combine smaller efforts into a big one to make it a whole. 

17. Invent: Think of something which has not done before, be an inventor. A small one invention can be a leap.

A leap towards extreme good fortune. Go Green with “I’s”which auto corrects to “I’m”. 


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