The Burning Book – Laziness in my Shape

via Daily Prompt: Controversy

Kyle King wrote a very (un)scientific book on Self Help, it became the best seller book on the list on the very first day of 2017. Winter conspires many authors to publish their books on topics which range from:

  •  How to manage Debt and become Rich famous?
  •  How to transform your A to I in F_T?
  •  How to unclutter your house and use your Tax Refund Money to buy more Furniture, Clothes, and Mattresses?

Well, on the same note King Kyle also thought and went one step farther. On a single night of 31st December, Kyle King’s book became the best-selling book. People coming out of parties when they looked at their selfie first thing they did purchase the book before getting into their ride.

Millions of books were sold in a single night and after few days of success. The best-selling – ‘Laziness in my Shape’ marched to everybody’s fireplace on March 18 as there was an Executive Order – People called it The Burning Book!

There was at least 50 controversial Topic from January 20 and Kyle King’s book Laziness is my shape made it to 51.

The controversy outcome of 51 shook the three Be’s – ( Belongings, Behaviors, and Belief)

  1. Instead of caring about their belongings or burning the Fat, People started burning the pages aka – trees, effort, intelligent.
  2. Instead of adjusting their Behavior – people started to be in their comfort zone. More the merrier of the same kind of behavior attracted the topic over dinner and drinks.
  3. Instead of churning their beliefs – they started to believe more on where the order came from rather than believing on what their heart said.


Thus, the Laziness is my shape from a proven (un)scentific Kyle King instead of taking the bookshelves on oneself were burnt on the fire place.

Till next winter let our thoughts spring to Summer and Fall.




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