First Day of Spring

Today, when Chris called the Rebu to go to an important meeting at client location a very clean Land Rover stopped in his driveway. He knew most of it because all the data showed up who is coming on what car and what time.

They both greeted each other with their first name and started towards Chris actually their destination. The weather was just perfect on the very first day of the Spring. Run, Radio and Ride are three things which are worth sharing:

  1. John shared about his good 10 miles run early morning which he did with his Dog, Danny. This can be another story but for now, lets hear what Chris has to say. Chris mentioned he could not run but did his rowing machines where he competed against the machine for 1000 meters. Well, Chris lost the rowing race against the Michelle the machine. There is no result to show and for John and Danny, we will accept on the Face Value. monday 333
  2. There was an interesting topic coming up on a radio and they both wanted to hear it out. It’s about Forest Bathing. What it is and Why it’s the latest way to De-Stress.This will be another day story as well.
  3. They reached the destination actually, they had so much to talk the RIDE seemed to be a quick one.

Chris was a few minutes early and went to the reception and directed to meet the Director. To his surprise, one of the people in the meeting was John C who drove him in a Rebu. They worked on the proposals and went out very well.

John mentioned he does Rebu as a hobby during going to his office and while coming. All the money which he earns on his way donates for education and toilet sanitary for a country which is very close to his heart.

In Evening, they came together and stopped by an Icecream QD for a free Icecream social for the First Day of Spring.



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