via Daily Prompt: Label

As growing up Maureen was very fascinated by all kind of labels. One of her hobbies was to read all labels from Cornflakes Box to Cookie Box. This was good for her but not for her parents as they could not bring the same grocery all the time. They purchased what Maureen put in the Grocery Cart.

Time passed and Maureen interest changed as most of the labels or warning labels had similar kind of message and only 0.1% of the population read it. Even who read could not retain much of it.

As all kids growing up she has moving dreams and aspirations – one dream at a time and then another. Whenever she discussed her dream over dinner their parents always had warning message. It seemed her parents wanted her to be in a safe professional like Doctor, Scientist.

One day when she was with her grandparents walking on a brand new and the first day of Spring she told them she wants to launch her own designer clothes label.

Her grandparents by hearing this got excited and they were happy to see someone in their family wants to be Entrepreneur. GOD also sent them an indicator when one of the people on a bike did not respect the warning sign – Slippery When Wet and fell off.


When they approached the person for any help they found the person was alright. After talking found person has enough money and could be a Venture Capitalist for Maureen’s next dream project.

Maureen kept her Designer Clothes Label as Slippery When Wet with the blessing of her grandparents and the person who fell off from a bike by ignoring the warning sign.

When parents are not on  your side seek the blessing of your Grandparents and sign of the GOD.


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