Behind the Scene

via Daily Prompt: Minimal

Once upon in Antartica, Karm Nhoj is a self-made multi-millionaire Business Tycoon who has his own Island in Antartica.  We do not have to travel as my story is going to reveal his life. Hop onto the time capsule and simply press the Go green button!

Karm was 12 years old when his Dad died and his mother was left with responsibilities to raise a total of 5 kids ranging from 5 to 15.  Karm was adopted by his parental Uncle who used to live in remote Desert area which was known for very nice Golf Resort. To ease the burden or not to be a burden of finance, after coming from school, Karm used to go to Golf Resort and work as Golf Caddie.

At minimal Karm always had three things ( he always wore and carried all time):
1. A very well dressed for his age. Clean, Crisp and Sharp.
2. Three questions for the players:

a. How did you get started?

b. Why do you do what you do? and

c. What in your life has given you the greatest fulfillment?

3. Smiles

Every day, working as Golf Caddie, Karm used to get 4 miles of walk and answer of his three questions from different clients. Same question but different answers which he used to write in the night every day before going to bed in his little notepad. All the data he collected give him enough information, knowledge, and wisdom, ” What it takes to become rags to riches?”.

For the last question, he used to get the question back from the players which he told the same answers as growing up he wants to open a Software Company for the database and diverse his money for the Wealth Management. One of the players was so much impressed by his Data Collection, Information which he created, it simply showed the knowledge and Wisdom this 21 years Karm had, that day thing changed and a new Minimal Database company was created and rest is on the island of Antarctica



5 thoughts on “Behind the Scene

  1. Good post and you have a nice looking blog. Just to point out, you can see you widget standard text on your nice green banner at the heading of you page and also at the bottom of your page. Just letting you know in case you weren’t aware 🙂

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      1. The green banner looks great now. You still have the text widget on the right margin and at the bottom, but they’re less noticeable. I struggled with those widgets and still do!


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