An Extraordinary Acceptance

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance



On a beautiful cold sunny Wednesday, Wendy was running on a river trail to clear her mind at lunch time. After the 5K finish line, the phone rang and it was the Principal of the school and at the same time her brain has pumped out two powerful feel-good chemicals, endorphin and endocannabinoids.

Principal Pat had a health related emergency and wanted Ms.Wendy to go RACSO AWARD in the evening where their school has been nominated for producing more entrepreneurs in total combined of all school from the Land of Cheese.

There was a slight pause and Principal Pat assumed probably Ms.Wendy is not ready with Acceptance Speech. Wendy after taking a deep breath said only on one condition it is going to be my speech. The principal had no choice but to say Okay!

After stretching, Wendy took out a piece of paper and started working on her Speech.  In evening she was on a Blue Carpet talking to fellow nominees and feeling very positive about all the outcome the school has put in making entrepreneurs.

The Nominees for Producing More Entrepreneurs are  Michael G, Kennedy G, and Edison H. The award goes…Edison H.

Wendy proudly received the award on behalf of the school and began her speech. I will be lying if I said I have been preparing for the award. I was told to come a few hours back when I finished my 5K run. Three things happened at the same time – my brain has pumped out two powerful feel-good chemicals, endorphins and endocannabinoids, and a call from Principal.

Principal Pat was supposed to come for the award. Don’t worry All is Well at his end just got text his Wisdom Tooth has been extracted which was giving a lot of pain. The Celebration is planned for both the award and subsiding wisdom pain of the Principal. This award is the result of a Change a positive one which we thought for our younger minds. Efficiency runs in our blood in doing day to day work either related to studies, sports, problem-solving. All this is possible with the support we got from the community, the teachers, the students, and the sponsors from the Industry. The combination of each unit become whole and was Pain-Free except in the last when Principal got it. We really Take Pride in our success and failure reason one teaches to be humble and other to go strong. We all found A Reason for Being entrepreneurs early and here we are in all sector of life – be it Science, be it Art, be it Maths, be it Social, be in Media! We Nurture the heart and mind from the very beginning and We always keep ourselves Current. Thank You!

Later, Ms. Wendy piece of paper and Award speech was published in the Year Book to showcase how one can prepare in such short notice. Wendy got the award of An Extraordinary Acceptance!



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