12 Symptoms of Running Thief!

via Daily Prompt: Symptom

1. You check Weather more than Nasdaq and wait for the temperature to be in 50F and go outside to run.
2. Frequent checking your running shoes and look for a discount to buy a newer one.
3. Feelings of using apps and telling other you ran so many miles not to brag but to encourage them to run.
4. After running and once the endorphin kicks off you feel like you can be a writer. You start writing too!
5. You bring yourself to present even how hard people pull you in the past.
6. You discover yourself more than anyone else can see you as you.
7. You do not take any interest in any bullshit…you lost the interest in conflict.

8. You do not have the ability to label or filter or judge people.
9. You do not have the ability to judge yourself. You are like particles which attract like-minded people and encourage others.
10. You move on from Like-Button of Facebook to Love and WOW button. You start liking more Reds and Yellow than plain blue.
11. You start thinking every problem has solutions. You don’t run away from the problem but you run for solutions.
12. You smile for no reason to cover those few extra miles to reach the finish line.




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