Meaningful Vs. Meaningless

via Daily Prompt: Meaningless

On a (wet) Saturday morning, Sandra went out for a run and it started raining. Anything less than a mile is so meaningless to her when she has set an hour aside to run. Luckily, her friend was going to the gym and gave her a ride.

Sandra selected virtual run on the Treadmill and the place Los Angeles. To make it more meaningful she had the following which pop-up as a Quiz. The title of the Quiz: Meaningful Vs. Meaningless.  The short answer has to be ‘Yes’ to be on the right side!


The time starts now came to Sandra’s mind – Enjoy the LA in one Hour.

@00 mile: Goal

Q: Do you have a goal in life? What is your most important goal(s)? What are you doing for it?

@01 mile: Feel

Q: How do you feel you can most effectively serve your community? ( School, Subdivision, Sports League)

@02 mile: Short Break

@03 mile: Purpose

Q: What is the purpose of your existence in the earth?

@04 mile: Work

Q: What ideas do you have to help grow your organization?

@05 mile: Song Break 

Kenny Loggins Foot Loose, Been Working so Hard…Now I gotta cut loose…Kickoff the Sunday Shoes.

@06.08 mile Retrospect ( Looking back!) 

Q: What have you been the most successful at? Can you do a replica of it?

At the end of Meaningful Vs. Meaningless Quiz, Sandra won a prize which is a running shoe. The suffix to a powerful word like ‘Meaning’ is up to us to make it more inflectional element.

‘Less’ or ‘Ful’ – The ‘Meaning’ is yours to prefix!!  Sandra is going to kick off the Sunday (new) shoes.







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