Symbiosis between Young and Old

via Daily Prompt: Symbiosis

After 20 years Karan and Arjun met at Vegas in the Aladdin Hotel Gym – Curve. Both have come to attend and present the seminar.  Arjun was practicing Kickboxing with a loud music when Karan entered to do his Planks, Burpees, etc.

The room was slightly dark, music was loud but the song ( I want to break free, I want to break free I want to break free from your lies by Queen) was very familiar to Karan.

After the song was done, both had face to face encounter and the World has come to pause reason they both could recognize each other. After so many years things had not changed at all for them.

Karan and Arjun stayed in the same colony when they were kids and Arjun parents had to move for work.

To catch up on all those days, they did what they used to do as a kid together.They rented a bike and went to the desert to discuss how to create a culture which was/is so dear to them while growing up. A Sanskrit words – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam which means ‘The World is one Family’.

During their cycle trip, they stopped in a Nursing Home to talk to people who would be once like them. Everything seemed okay on the surface but they felt something was missing. They saw many old people left behind to live their rest of life. They thought for a moment what would bring smiles in their face.

As they were leaving, they meet with the farmers family working on their harvest with many small kids.Karan Arjun invited them for a whole day program in the Nursing Home and arranged full day meal for the old and young.

The whole eight hours of interaction was full of heartfelt. The common thing they witnessed an extraordinary symbiosis between young children and senior citizens with each group nurturing each other.

After a year, Karan and Arjun opened 2-Day Centers adjacent to each other. One for Young and other for Senior Citizen with common activities for them and together!

What happens in Vegas, did not stay in Vegas – A Symbiosis Center for Excellence for Young and Old was launched on 24th February with a motto  Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam (which means ‘The World is one Family’).


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