Boss with a Purple Necktie

via Daily Prompt: Purple

What do you think? 

Colleen Travers was always asked by her Boss Robert Risk. Most of the time her answer was never taken into considerations.

Colleen was very well educated from one of the best school. Still, something was missing every time she gave her best except on the day her Boss was wearing a Purple Necktie. She labeled it a day as Boss with a Purple Tie.

m02Her twin sister who used to work in the same building was observing her sister was not in good mood at home or in office campus walking with her. This was taking a toll and disturbing the positive vibes of the home or walk. Neelloc suggested something which she has learned in recent times in her class about, ” How to achieve goals in life with colors”? This color thing has helped her to lose 50 pounds. We will come to that part of the story later but to let you know it was more of green and less of purple colors on her plate has helped her to lose 50 pounds. 

Neelloc wanted to help her sister Colleen. She has seen the report published from the 5 days seminar which Colleen and Robert have attended. In that report, her observations – only thing  Colleen’s boss Mr. Risk has different was the color of the Necktie. She gave this task to notice what color neckties Robert wore from Monday to Friday.

Colleen collected the data and the color of the Necktie for Robert Risk came as a pattern: Monday: Purple; Tuesday: Red; Wednesday: White; Thursday: Yellow; Friday: Orange.

Neelloc suggested Colleen say the same thing what she has logical thought of the question, ” What do you think? How to say on a particular color day is the key she asked her to practice.

The day Robert wears:

  • Purple Necktie – purple, the color between blue and red. Robert is looking for making more wealth and stability. Colleen should speak on how the company can be risk adverse and still make more money.

Monday Mantra Money! 

  • Red Necktie – red is the color for energy, strength, determination. Robert is looking for more optimizations. Colleen should provide an answer on improvising.

Tuesday Truthfulness! 

  • White Necktie – white is the color for perfection and purity. Robert is ready to make improvements in the strategy as a team. Colleen should suggest improvements.

Wednesday White about Illuminations*! 

  • Yellow Necktie – yellow is the color of sunshine. That day Robert wanted to be the centered of attraction just like the Sun. Colleen should say it’s the best and ask the same question to Robert. What do you think?

Thursday Thirstiness about being Centre of the attraction! 

  • Orange Necktie- orange combines the energy of red and happiness of yellow. On Friday, Robert Risk has enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, and encouragement.

Thank GOD it’s Friday and Colleen should provide the genuine answer. 

Colleen was talented and with learning about the color she accomplished her goal and promotions in the Organization.

When it was time to celebrate, she got a new Boss who is committed to a chosen uniform of a blue mock turtleneck, purple jeans and red Asics sneakers.

What do you think?”

*The color is white!





6 thoughts on “Boss with a Purple Necktie

  1. Another good story …. Keep it up.
    If you don’t mind me suggesting: about customizing your blog. You’ve already got some nice features set up, All you need to is in each feature, remove the description of the widget and put your own words there to give a personal touch.
    Like in About: say something about you and why you blog. Try different widgets and see what effect you like on your blog.
    You can delete this comment if you prefer, and I will visit again and put another comment … Don’t worry!

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