A New Day Has Come

via Daily Prompt: Elixir

Derik Stranger was in his early thirties and in a brand new town where first time he felt magical new day. A very positive vibe of a what a wonderful World kind of feeling and everything around was full of life. The color of the Rainbow, green lush leaves, and birds chirping.  After day long work, he stopped in a pub where everyone was full of smile and shaking hands with him. The whole town was full of magical and it seemed there was something in the air and it was not an ordinary air he was inhaling but an elixir air.

He sat near the window and a lady approached him and sat down for a drink or two with Derik. She introduced herself as Rachel Livestrong. They started with an icebreaking question, ” How was the day been”? Derik, in 30ies still bachelor has fallen for the place and slowly he was falling for Rachael.

Derik smartphone Elixir apps reminded him to pause and showed the data that he has never proposed any girl and that too in a pub – a very risking proposal. He wanted to excuse himself from the restaurant but Rachael insisted for more talk and dinner.

At the end of the day, phones are phones and Derik ignored the reminder from his phone and in fact, he closed all the notification. After dinner, Derik got confidence and asked the first question to Rachael which normally nobody would ask but he was serious about the long term relationship with kids as an outcome.

To answer your question Rachael said, ” I am 60 years young with grandkids and son like your age” and I am sure you would be thinking me as 30 years old. Derik just got from the seat not to go away but to hug Rachael who has stopped one thing which many of us Imagine in our dream and its Stop Aging.

Rachael continued, I am a saleswoman selling an elixir which shields us from the aging. She asked Derik, ” Do you want to still go or continue”?

Derik nodded his head in affirmative and yes I want to know. Rachael continued there is no magical formula its ELIXIR:

  • Exercise: Both Internal and External.
  • Learn: Learn everyday it helps mind.
  • Internal exercise – proper breathing which reaches all cells of the body and mind and in between
  • X- Factor: Work on your X factor, all of us has and find yours. It could be singing or acting. Incorporate in your yearly goal.
  • Integrity: Do you work even if no one is watching.
  • Read: Read every day something from Past with Future in mind.

Derik after hearing the secret of stopping aging was so happy to hear Aunt Rachael singing for him Celine Dion song…

A new day
A new day
I was waiting for so long
For a miracle to come

… an alarm with a song from Celine Dion randomly woke Derik and after hearing full song and composing all from his Vivid Dream with a promise to make it a reality. Derik  started to work on his research paper – A New Day has come to work on ELIXIR!









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