Biking my Territory, so to Recycle!

via Daily Prompt: Territory

You are about to see the word Campaign down below in bold and underline. Please don’t close the browser or click on X, it’s a different campaign not of 2016. If you do you will leave my Territory un-read. I request your undivided attention to go through 250 words. Yes, I promise you invading this Territory will hold and bring more beauty on Earth for our future generations!


These days, there is a campaign not for the election but for the Earth. Simple and powerful message…You can reduce your annual waste by 23 lbs if you choose a reusable cup instead of disposable for that morning Coffee or Tea!

You Got an Email:

Last night I got 100 of emails like all of us but this one – Go Green for Earth Day this April! Not just one day but the whole of April. I was so impressed and two things happened:

  1. Added this email in my Favorite, And
  2. I could not wait until April.

This morning:

This morning, the temperature was in 44F, chilled but wanted to prove my point and implement what I self promised. As a habit, I started my automobile to drive to Gym and then something reminded and just stood out to feel the temperature. Stopped the engine, wore my helmet and here I am on way to mark my Territory, so to Cycle and started my April pledge 3 days early.

At the end, felt!

  1. Small actions can make a big impact both on Earth and Health.
  2. Lost 300 plus calories invaded 7 miles  of beautiful bike trails and
  3. Marked my own Territory… as Somebody said, “Bikes don’t leak oil, they mark their territory.

Next 30 plus Day in April! 

  • I request readers, “Are you ready to build your Territory? Join me to next Biking my territory, so to Recycle!
  • Reuse your water bottle or coffee mug in office or home or home office.
  • Take stairs give some rest to lift or elevator. During stairs prepare your elevated speech on your 30 days of Date with Mother Nature!

For some in 2017, April has only 30 days and for me, April has 33 days!  Did I just wrote my elevated speech!! It sure feels like aha, moment!

8 thoughts on “Biking my Territory, so to Recycle!

  1. I wish I could bike to work but it’s a 45 minute highway drive. I do have my own water bottle at the office though that I refill all the time and we recycle at home! Every little bit counts right? 😁

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