Once Upon a Fortune

via Daily Prompt: Fortune

Who invented Fortune Cookie? a. Japan, b. China, c. America

If you are told, Fortune Cookies which we get in Chinese Resturant after our meal is not from China. I can imagine the exact facial expression of yours and you can leave the comment the reflection of your face by emoticon [ 😨 😱 or 😲]. Hold on, the answer will be revealed no need to ask – Siri, Alexa or Google Home.

Well, we all heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child. On a similar note Fortune Cookie was invented in Japan, and during the War, Chinese saw an opportunity to promote and America adopted it. Once upon a Fortune born in Japan, raised in China and educated in America.

I am sure you all are feeling hungry by now, hold on or drink 8 Oz of water as a filler and here is another quiz, before your next meal. Is total no of a Chinese restaurant in the US more than combined 1. McDonalds, 2. Burger King, 3. KFC, and 4. Wendy.

If your answer is ‘Yes’, you are absolutely right. There is a different version of Chinese Food ranging from American Chinese, China Buffet, Indian Chinese except for the real Chinese. But they are all Chinese Food.

What I shared is as told by my Chinese ex-colleague Mr. Ho Li from China who loves to join for dinner at our home than going to Chinese Resturant which is anything like China food. His fortune when he eats at least one dinner at my home specially in one of our festival Holi ( Color of Festival) when he is visiting the US of A.


Holi Food.jpg
This is what we eat at our festival HOLI ( Festival of Color)

Once Upon a Fortune, I am waiting for one of the Fortune Cookies to unwrap and say you just won a free Trip to China. Whenever I get fortunate to go to China – Mr. Ho Li has promised me an authentic Chinese home made food with no Fortune Cookies!  I believe by then I will have unwrapped many Fortune Cookies!







2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Fortune

  1. That would be one awesome fortune cookie! My best friend is Cantanese so I’ve had the opportunity to taste authentic Chinese food through her but I still love the American Chinese food πŸ™‚

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