Run of Fortune

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Recently, I have come across about Barefoot Running of all kinds from 5K to Marathon in Hawai. On top of it see everyday photos of our Milind Soman ( #MilindSoman ) in Facebook, he is truly a practitioner of barefoot running. Every time same question keeps coming to me – Why Do You Want to Run Barefoot?

Last Thanksgiving when reached the Sheraton Plantation Resort with friends and family. The first thing the receptionist said, ” Welcome to the land of Sunshine and Smiles a.k.a Myrtle Beach of South Carolina”. Sunshine was ample and so was smiles. Very friendly people and to give an example Vanna White from TV’s Wheel of Fortune is from this place. We always see her smiling since last 30 years in every episode.

My curious mind asked what’s for us and we were told activities of all kinds from deep-sea fishing to parasailing, kayaking, and camping. You just have to get out and explore. Everything else sounded exciting and the word ‘explore’ stuck in my mind. I wanted to explore my recent read and you got it barefoot running. Unless things are done there is always a fear factor.

We all reached in our swimsuits to the beach to play with sand and water. When the first Wave hit my foot I kind of heard

  • W: Why Do You Want to Run Barefoot?
  • A: Answer to your question – allow yourself to get out of comfort zone and this is the time and place!
  • V: Visualize your beach route and go for it.
  • E: Experience it, it’s just one foot front of other!

Told my family and friends just want ‘Run Time’ for 30 minutes or less and everyone in one voice asked – Where is your running shoes?It’s in the resort and I don’t want it as there is something else I am trying and told them just keep the Camera handy when I come back to touch the Start Line oops Finish Line.

3 Things Take Away from Beach Barefoot Run:

It’s ABC…

  1. Action takes you to distance
  2. Believe in your question till you find the answer
  3. Celebrate it with another Barefoot running which I did in the resort for 4 miles on concrete and felt yes this is something I will do it again.

…this Barefoot Run got me into the list of Run of Fortune!


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