Educations are the passport to Success

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My Grandparents especially my Grand Pa was a great influence on my Dad. There are many inspirational stories which I heard from my Grandparents and one of the stories about my Dad can have a subtitle as, ” Under the Lamp Post”.

In those days electricity was a scarcity particularly in their village but next town which was a mile away was blessed with utilities/facilities like electricity, rails, library etc. My Dad so much in reading (still now) , he used to walk during his elementary school days to read his favorite books under the lamp post. He sure came out as one of the best educated and a great pride to his Dad and believe the whole village. 

Fortunately, I did not have to read any time under the Lamp Post because of what all my Dad achieved in his life. Talking of the Lamp Post, I do not have photographs from those days but to relate we can hear Ed Sheeran song’s – Photograph. 

Few lines…

Under the lamppost back on Sixth street
Hearing you whisper through the phone,
“Wait for me to come home.”

Ed Sheeran – Photograph


My Grand Pa wanted his grandkids to do better than his son. His saying, ” Education are the passport to Success”. He preached what he practiced and his mantra 3 R’s .

  1. Ritual especially the morning one. Do some short of physical exercise, take a bath daily, pray, eat and read
  2. Relationship with right family members, friends, and books because the long lasting influence they have in one’s life  and
  3. Restrain from Bad Karma or bad Habits

Later, I came to know grandfather was very fascinated by the alphabet R as his name Ram had first initial. We call the mantra as 3R’s by R!

They saying Education stops Learning never! 

Keep filling -up the blanks which inspires and make you success! 

__________________ are the passport to Success. 

( ex: Hard Work could be one which comes to my mind).






10 thoughts on “Educations are the passport to Success

      1. Sorry I hit Reply without reviewing it. It sure does not make sense.
        Let me rephrase it
        1. Liked your choice of word ‘Determination ‘ for the fill up the blank.
        2. I will consider Fortunate ( DP from yesterday- Fortune) if readers of my article provide me A to Z ( for example- D[Determination), E [Education] is taken.

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