Pause its Sunday

via Daily Prompt: Pause

ONCE UPON A PAUSE, they asked me what’s the word for the day. 



I said it’s, ” Pause”.

Unanimously we all said let’s P(lay)A(ppreciate)U(pbeat)S(erene)E(mbrace)

Sunday being the last day of Spring Break and one of us under the weather and outside being little chill we dedicated the first alphabet to Play in X-BOX. It’s was fun and we played MnM – Monopoly, N Minecraft.

Later, we made time to open gifts which kids got last night. These gifts were from the festival we attended and they truly appreciated it. It really takes so much time to think about others while thinking of what gift to give unless it’s the Gift Card. I am not a big fan of Gift Card in terms of giving or receiving. My personal choice would be a cash which parents can deposit in their kid’s future education. Appreciated and appreciating takes everyone long way. What do you say? Till I hear from you. 

They say hearing at least hearing 4 -5 songs are good for the brain and some of us do more than that and today song …
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe.We shall overcome, some day. This song was total upbeat for all of us.

On that note , took nap to recalibrate and it was serene and hopefully prepared for Work and school Week.


On this day took us to our photo album from the 2015 Spring break in Los Angeles which really embraced us.

That’s the SUNDAY PAUSE click which was a click away and we are happy we did click it.

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